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Water Level Sensor - WiFi

Smart Water, the most advanced tank level indicator available. Engineered for high performance and long term reliability.

Tank level sensors and pump controllers communicate wirelessly from up to 10km away from the indoor base station. The base station shows all your levels, history, alerts and pump controls. This unit also connects via your local WiFi online so you can see the same information on the Smart Water App on your phone from anywhere. 

  • High performance, long range wireless connectivity, up to 10km line of sight or extend with high gain antennas. Your tanks do not need to be in WiFi range, only the indoor LCD panel. 

  • The system learns your water usage to predict your time to empty

  • Custom alerts and alarms for full visibility of your system status
  • Name your tanks and pumps for ease of identification

  • Up to 12 tanks can be monitored on a single system

  • Fully automatic wireless pump control functionality

  • Up to 12 pumps can be managed on a single system

  • Solar powered tank unit with high power Lithium-ion power source

  • Stainless Steel SS316 4M Industrial grade water level sensor

  • Easy to use with simple DIY installation

Please note the Smart Water App is supplied by Smart Water and downloaded directly from the iOS / Android App Store. Viewing a single tank level via the App is free. Monitoring more than 1 tank, Alerts or pump control features require the Premium App which is a paid annual subscription service. 

How it Works

Smart Water Tank System how it works + App2.PNG

Tank Transmitter 

Contains a powerful local radio unit (LoRaWAN) to connect to a WiFi Keypad or Gateway up to 10km away (extendable). Up to 10 tanks supported.

WiFi LCD Keypad

View and manage your levels via the Gateway Keypad. This unit communicates to the Tank Transmitter (via radio LoRaWAN) and then securely sends the data online via your WiFi Network

WiFi Gateway

Optionally use a WiFi Gateway only (no LCD Keypad) to communicate to the Tank Transmitter (via LoRaWAN) and then to your WiFi Network - Available mid 2022

Water Tank

Your water tank. Monitor with a 4 or 10 meter sensor.

Pump Controller

Optionally add a pump controller which also communicates to your gateway and is controllable and can be automated via the LCD WiFi Gateway or App.

Water Sensor

Submersible water level sensor.

Mobile App

View your levels from anywhere on your phone. Includes advanced features such as graphing and weather forecasting. 

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