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Water Level Sensor - 4G

Monitor water levels for all sorts of applications in all types of environments. Our standard water level sensor with 4G mobile/cellular unit, installs straight out of the box without any onsite wiring or network configuration required.   

Key Features:

  • SMS/email alerts on low level, high level, fast rising, fast falling levels.

  • View on any web enabled device, invite and share tank level data with multiple users.

  • View graphs and track long long term trends and highlights.

  • 4G enabled gives excellent coverage and global capability regardless of local terrain. No need to maintain local network or worry about line of sight radio issues. Check Australian Telstra coverage maps here

  • Integrated GPS to locate sensors globally

  • High precision submersible, stainless steel level sensor 

  • 60 minute level readings, 4 hourly upload intervals (configurable) 

  • Easy DIY installation, no wiring required

  • Battery powered, 1-2 year between changeover using standard off-the-shelf AA energizer ultimate

  • 2 year warranty


4G mobile/cellular. 


3 meter range (5 meter cable) or 10 meter range (12 meter cable) submersible hydrostatic sensor. Stainless steel construction for long life.  > Learn More 

Reading Frequency

60 minute level readings. Readings uploaded every 4 hours. Both configurable.


Inbuilt GPS will locate the unit on the dashboard google map.


Standard 3x AA Lithium (Energizer Ultimate lithium supplied) or DC 5-12v. Batteries typically last 1-2 years depending on 4G signal strength and reading frequency.


Low, High, Fast Falling, Fast Rising sent as SMS/email. Levels configurable through the dashboard. 


2 years.


IP67 rated enclosure with breathable water proof vent.


Supplied with universal mount to install on tank roof (metal, plastic), wall or pole mount.

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