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Installing the sensor

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We use an ultrasonic sensor that measures from 0.3 meters (minimum clearance) up to 4 meters distance.

The sensor can measure nearly any type of liquid in any type of tank, so long as it can be mounted appropriately. The sensor's ultrasonic beam must have a clear and vertically aligned path to the surface of the liquid, and it must not be mounted next to an internal wall.

The type of material and construction of the tank does not affect the sensor. Ultrasonic sensors have great advantages in tank level sensing as they don't contact the liquid and don't have any mechanical parts. Therefore they will not corrode, or clog up, and have a much more compact design.

The sensor must be mounted as close as possible to vertical so the sensor can read accurately.

The sensor emits an ultrasonic beam that reflects off the surface of liquid. If the sensor is set at an angle to the surface, the reflected pulse will not reach the receiver directly and either an innaccurate or no measurement will be recorded.

The beam emitted is conical in shape. This means that some space must be given between the wall of the tank and the sensor, otherwise the tank wall will interfere with the reading.

If you have a corrugated roof, we recommend mounting on the peak of a corrugation.

The sensor must have a 3G signal to transmit data to the application. Even if you experience a weak signal on your phone at the tank site, it's ok, as the sensor unit has a sensitive antenna.

Unfortunately, if you do not have any 3G reception at your tank site you will need another solution.

No, you cannot.

We have carefully chosen a sensor and connection rate to balance battery life with information frequency.

The default setting will read your tank level every hour and transmit the sensor readings twice per day.

Your battery will last approximately 2 years.

When the battery level starts getting low, an alarm will be raised giving you ample time to order and change batteries.

You can order batteries through 360Tanks, just contact us by phone or email to order.

Swapping batteries is straightforward. It takes only a matter minutes once the unit is removed from the tank roof. Instructions are provided with the replacement batteries.

Your monthly subscription fee covers all mobile data charges to collect data from your sensor, and all SMS alert messages.

When your battery eventually runs low (in approximately 2 years time), you can easily order, just contact us by phone or email to order.

Your telemetry and personal information is stored securely.

We use enterprise grade cloud infrastructure operated by Microsoft. 360Tanks does not directly know or store your credit card information. This is handled securely by our provider and well known online payments specialist Stripe who is audited to be PCI Service Provider Level 1 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

We will never share your telemetry or personal data with anyone. You may share your telemetry data by using the share feature of the application. This will grant access to your telemetry data, but not any personal data.

Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.