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Industrial & Mining Solutions

From ready-to-install level monitoring solutions for most applications to custom integrations, we can get your monitoring projects delivered quickly and cost effectively.



  • Mine site tank level applications such as dust suppressants, truck wash stations, water levels

  • Water Pressure

  • Diesel / Fuel Tanks Levels

  • Chemical Tanks Levels

  • Custom applications and integrations; contact us!

  • Large scale, distributed, low cost fleet monitoring

  • Tracking of mobile level assets with built in GPS in the 4G units



  • Web application view of your data

  • Sensor type selection and calibration to custom liquids densities (if hydrostatic sensors used)

  • Responsive SMS/email alerts
  • Customisable read and transmit frequency

  • Integration of your existing sensors

  • Multiple warranty options available

  • APIs to integrate data directly into your systems

Image by Ivan Bandura


  • All types of tanks; poly, metal, concrete, above and below ground

  • Open water; dams, channels, lakes

  • Inline pressure offtakes and pipes

  • IP67 rated enclosures

  • Variety of power supply options available

Our Customers Include

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