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Industrial Solutions

360Tanks has experience working with a range of tanks, liquids, sensors and sites. We'll work closely with you to determine your exact requirements and provide an effective off the shelf solution or custom integration to fit your needs. Some of our projects include:


Bulky bin overflow monitoring and alerting 


Dust suppressant liquid

Truck wash stations

When working through a new level monitoring project, there are a number of key considerations including

  • What liquid are you monitoring?

  • How frequently do you want to take a reading?

  • What is the maximum range?

  • What alerts do you need?

  • Where is this being installed, what environmental conditions?

  • What is the tank material?

  • What communications networks are on site (4G mobile reception

  • What are you data, integration requirements or will you use our monitoring app?

Bulky bin overflow monitoring and alerting 



Talk to us. We'll ask you questions such as : what liquid are you monitoring? how frequently? what accuracy do you need? how deep is the maximum level? what alerts do you need? where are you installing this?



We'll send you your solution, ready for installation out of the box, often commissioned, communicating and on your dashboard within minutes. 


Using our range of integrated products, we'll recommend a communications unit and plan, sensor and power options.


Commissioning and Support.
Our engineers are at hand to make sure any final calibration or commissioning unique to your needs are completed. Ongoing support is covered by the project monitoring agreements.  

Reduce Costs

Reduce hours of routine, manual level checking and travelling to remote tanks. Automation delivers reliable, accurate tank level information. 

Benefits Now

Add value immediately without large project overheads and timelines or costly integrations with our stand alone out of the box solutions. 

Lower Risks

Fewer in person, on site level checking can lower the risk of hazards interacting with tanks.


We integrate high grade, reliable off-the-shelf communications and sensors to deliver solutions consistently and considerably less expensive than bespoke large scale SCADA engineering solutions. 

Deeper Insights

Efficiently manage and schedule tank refills for you or your customers. Alerts can help prevent costly liquid asset run outs 

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