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Small and rugged, we integrate the Falcon with a level sensor appropriate to your needs.

Install it straight out of the box with no wiring required.


Configurable SMS/email Level Alerts

Get on with life without the the need to constantly monitor your tank levels. Rely on SMS and email to alert you if any level is below or above your settings. Easy to configure and update level alert settings online.


Hourly Level Readings

Hourly level readings and 4 hourly uploads as standard. Optionally configure more or less frequent readings/upload to suit your application.  

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Online Sensor Dashboard

Access your level data from any internet connected device. Track current and past level trends, update alerts easily. The application interface is purpose  built for phone access. 

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Supported Sensors

For standard water level monitoring we supply a 3 meter rated submersible pressure transducer. Other sensors such as ultrasonic distance measurement, longer range submersible sensors, fuel sensors, in-line pressure transmitters can be attached to the Falcon or Eagle base units. 

Rain on Roof

Rugged and Reliable

Designed for continuous use in the harsh Australian outdoors (IP67 rated enclosure). The Australian manufacturer of the Falcon telemetry unit, Digital Matter has more than 10,000 units deployed worldwide.   

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4G Communications and GPS

4G mobile/cellular unit with integrated GPS connects via the specialised machine to machine band of the 4G network (CAT-M1, NB-IOT), enabling much greater range than standard 4G phones. 

Image by Mika Baumeister

Flexible Power Options

Flexible Power Options – Supplied with 3 x AA Lithium Batteries for approximately 4 months run time between battery swaps or wire to permanent power. Optionally use long life Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) batteries or configure less frequent updates for significantly longer run-time between battery swaps.  

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