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Water level monitoring
November 1, 2017

Remote monitoring brings accurate and timely measurement of nearly anything to your phone. This greatly reduces the high costs that have traditionally been unavoidable in this manual, but crucial task.

Learn about all the different technologies that make up a remote monitoring system. Learn about the tradeoffs when selecting one technology over another.

Heat stress in cattle
November 1, 2017

With the summer heat upon us, it is critical to be proactive in dealing with heat stress in cattle. It is too late to take action once hence stress takes hold of an animal. Once an animal is heat stressed the damage has been done, and is likely to have a long lasting impact on the animal's health and productivity. Having a heat stress management plan could save you from significant future losses.

Water level sensors
November 1, 2017

There is a significant drive to increase productivity and profitability in agriculture. This has resulted in an increased interest in sensor technologies such as water level sensing to ensure that farm water supply is available on demand, reduce wastage, and more accurate use accounting. Coupled with the industry need, improvements in sensor and digital communication networks have made the technology available to a much wider set of users than ever before, at a lower cost point. This article provides a summary of water level sensing technologies, compares various methods, and provides some basic guidelines on how to select the most appropriate solution for the application at hand.

Welcome to our new website
November 1, 2017

We have been working hard to improve our website. We have added a lot of new and useful information including articles, helpful videos, and news items.

Have a look at our Blog section for interesting articles on how you can better manage your water resources, or learn more about water sensors. We also have added a live demo of our water monitoring application. Have a browse and let us know what you think, we'd really appreciate your feedback.

$60M in Federal Grants
November 1, 2017

The National Landcare Program’s new Smart Farming Partnerships is offering multi-year grants totalling $60 million to put in place new and innovative sustainable land management practices, which protect and improve the condition of soils, vegetation and biodiversity.

Deadline: Closing date is 7th December 2017

For more information visit: Smart Farming Partnerships