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Agricultural & Rural Solutions

Our solutions provide accurate, reliable level readings and alerts to your phone, tablet or computer whereever you are.


Easy installation and no maintenance makes getting started straightforward.    

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Monitoring for all types of on farm level applications:

  • Stock Water Levels

  • Irrigation Water Levels

  • Water Pressure

  • Fertiliser Tank Levels

  • Diesel / Fuel Tanks Levels

  • Chemical Tanks Levels

  • Custom applications; contact us!



  • View you data on your phone, tablet or computer anywhere, anytime.

  • View level readings over days, weeks and months to detect long term trends.

  • Responsive alerts on low, high, fast falling, fast rising levels.

  • Solar or long life lithium batteries (1-2 years battery life)

  • Multiple communications options. Either standalone 4G connectivity or local 10km long range radio to Wi-Fi

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Sensors can be used with:

  • All types of tanks; poly, metal, concrete, above and below ground

  • Open water; dams, channels, lakes

  • Inline pressure offtakes and pipes

Our Customers Include

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