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Ready-to-go 3G water sensors with SMS alerts
3 year warranty
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Ensure your stock always have enough drinking water
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Spend less time manually inspecting your tanks
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Detect low water levels before it becomes a critical issue
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Water tanks
It can be stressful not knowing if your stock have enough water, especially during times of high temperature and between water runs. It is also critical that you have enough water in your tanks when running pressurized irrigation. Remote tank level monitoring system helps take the stress out of stock water storage and supply.
Liquid fertilizers are delivered directly into farm storage tanks. As a farm manager, you need to ensure you have enough supply available when you need it. As a supplier, you want to make sure your customers never run low. Remote tank level monitoring ensures customers always have a reliable supply available when they need it.
Liquid chemical products are often stored in clusters of large tanks at warehouse or distribution depots. Remote tank level monitoring greatly simplifies inventory management, and supports your audit trails, including tracking losses due to leakage or theft.
Having sufficient fuel on the farm ensures your farm machinery and irrigation pumps are available when required. As a fuel supplier, you want to proactively fill your customers' fuel tanks and provide the best customer support. Fuels are an expensive resource and an investment in remote fuel tank monitoring will pay for itself very quickly.
Keep track of lubricant and oil levels in bulk storage and dispensing tanks to extend the life of machinery. Tracking levels also ensure tanks are refilled before it is too late. Remote monitoring provides peace of mind that your machinery lubricants are well stocked.
Liquid waste
Waste oil and water from industrial processes need to be stored locally and then removed and recycled. Remote monitoring helps you keep track of all your liquid wastes, optimize collection schedules and provide improved customer service.

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Integrated Sensor
Precision, non-contact ultrasonic sensor. Easy, self install with no maintenance. 2 year battery life. Global 3G/4G compatibility.
3 year warranty. Manufactured under ISO 9001 certification. Runs on enterprise grade cloud services.
Always On
Reads levels hourly and reports twice daily. Alerts sent hourly. All day, every day, all year.
Responsive Alerts
Receive unlimited responsive SMS and email alerts on low and high levels and rapid level changes. Alerts are sent within the hour.
Trends and Hightlights
Data storage and display to identify liquid level trends, metrics and usage patterns. Securely share with anyone.
Unlimited Support
Get the help you need during installation, activation and ongoing use throughout the life of your sensor.
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$60M in Federal Grants
November 1, 2017

The National Landcare Program’s new Smart Farming Partnerships is offering multi-year grants totalling $60 million to put in place new and innovative sustainable land management practices, which protect and improve the condition of soils, vegetation and biodiversity.

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We understand that rising input costs (fuel, time, labour) and water security remain critical concerns in your business. Let us help by monitoring your critical tanks and their valuable contents.

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We know the technology, we know the industry, and we are passionate about helping you be more productive, and at the same time save water, fuel and time.

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