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Wireless Level Monitoring Solutions

Know more with less effort. Use your phone from anywhere to monitor your levels with a precision, reliability that manual effort just can't match. All, at a lower cost. 

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Water Tanks
Water Purifier & Glass

Ready to Install Level Monitoring

Choose between low cost back to base units with online connectivity or remote, drop in 4G units. 

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Powerful wireless technology connects up to 12 tanks from 10km away (WiFi is not needed at the tank sites). View the levels on the touch screen LCD panel and remotely via the phone app.

4G units with GPS, install anywhere there is even marginal 4G signal. Levels and SMS alerts to your phone, tablet or computer.

Level Monitoring Product Features

All our solutions come with standard features and our support services, making installation and use easy regardless whether you have one level to monitor or many. Water, fuel or a non standard liquid, no problem. 


Custom Integrations

We can integrate your custom level sensor or provide a solution to your unique level monitoring requirements.


Reading Frequency

Configurable level readings rate, typically every 30 to 60 minutes.



We're here to help you whether it's a custom install or how to use the product.


Responsive Level Alerts

Proactive low, high, fast falling/rising alerts to SMS/email/mobile app lets you get on with business without the need to constantly monitor your levels.


Trends and Highlights

Track levels over days, weeks and months to identify trends.


Submersible Level Sensor

Simple to install, accurate and reliable. No wiring required. The submersible stainless steel simply lowers to the bottom to install.


Learn more about how level sensors work.

Various types of liquid level sensors are available using different sensing technologies. We can help select and integrate the right sensor for your custom liquids. 

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Pressure Level Sensor

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Pressure Transducer


About Us

360Tanks was founded in 2016 and is based in Melbourne, Australia. The founders, Khusro Saleem and Andrew Kelley are two passionate engineers with decades of remote sensing and telecommunications experience in the mining, telecommunications and agricultural space.

Remote sensing has now truly come of age. The technology that was traditionally only available to large utilities or custom built by specialist technology companies, with a corresponding high price tag, is now available as robust, commodity solutions that are ready for all businesses. We have selected and integrated the best sensors and communications platforms from the world’s most trusted and experienced vendors such as New Zealand based Smart Water, USA's Digi, Australia's Digital Matters, German sensor manufacturer Krohne, US based Maxbotix and Swiss Keller. These are packaged into ready to deploy, complete, easy to use level sensing systems for any industry.

We know the technology, we know the industry and we are passionate about helping you be more productive. If you would like a chat or a demonstration about how remote sensing can improve your business operations, please contact us.


p:  1300 859 360


23 Milton Parade, Malvern 3144, Victoria, Australia

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