Do less, know more
3 year warranty
Industrial - Agricultural - Commercial
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Detect tank level trends automatically before they become critical
Parched water dam
Spend less time and money manually inspecting tanks

Fuel gauge
Improve productivity by optimising your business logistics and operations
Tanker Refil
Lower operational costs by reducing hours of routine manual tank checking. Efficiently schedule and audit tank refilling. Receive notifications on key tank level events on your ops phone / email addresses. Add value immediately, without large project overheads and timelines, through this simple, standalone solution, or optionally integrate into your existing operational systems.
Agricultural Water tanks
It can be stressful not knowing if your stock have enough water, especially during times of high temperature and between water runs. Remote tank level monitoring system helps take the stress out of stock water storage and supply with automated alerts on low or fast falling levels giving farm managers time to take action.

Fuels and Lubricants
As a fuel supplier, distributor or on-site user, you want to proactively track and manage your fuel assets. Automated level monitoring provides near real time intelligence on fuel storage levels enabling optimal logistical planning improving productivity.
Fertilisers and Chemicals
Optimise the supply chain between supplier and consumer. Remote tank monitoring means all parties can be informed of liquid levels at all times simplifying ordering, logistics/truck rolls, inventory management and auditing.
Custom Integrations
We offer customised liquid level detection to suit your unique applications. This includes new sensor or software integration into your business processes and tools. For example, you can view your liquid level within your Salesforce dashboards without requiring any additional logins to third party systems. Please contact us to find out more.
Landlords, ensure your tenants don't run out of water during their stay at your property. Keep an eye on water levels before, during and after their visit.
Integrated Sensor
Precision, non-contact ultrasonic sensor. Easy, self install with no maintenance. 2 year battery life. Global 3G/4G compatibility.
3 year warranty. Manufactured under ISO 9001 certification. Runs on enterprise grade cloud services.
Always On
Reads levels hourly and reports twice daily. Alerts sent hourly. All day, every day, all year.
Responsive Alerts
Receive unlimited SMS and email alerts on low and high levels and rapid level changes. Alerts are sent within the hour.
Trends and Hightlights
Data storage and display to identify liquid level trends, metrics and usage patterns. Securely share with anyone.
Unlimited Support
Get the help you need during installation, activation and ongoing use throughout the life of your sensor.
Intuitive application
Quick installation
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Proudly owned and designed in Australia.

360Tanks was founded in 2016 and is based in Melbourne, Australia. The founders, Khusro Saleem and Andrew Kelley are two passionate engineers with decades of remote sensing and telecommunications experience in the mining, utility and agricultural space.

Remote sensing has now truly come of age. The technology that was traditionally only available to large utilities or custom built by specialist technology companies, with a corresponding price tag, is now available as robust, commodity solutions that are ready for all businesses. Vying for attention are at the other end of the spectrum are Internet of Things (IoT) sensor components and systems. In our experience, these are great for small scale do it yourself projects but are yet to be proven as reliable, business grade reliable solutions. We have selected and integrated the best sensors and communications platforms from the world’s most trusted and experienced vendors such as NASDAQ listed Digi, German sensor manufacturer Krohne, US based Maxbotix and Swiss Keller.

We know the technology, we know the industry and we are passionate about helping you be more productive. If you would like a chat or a demonstration about how remote sensing can improve your business operations, please contact us.

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